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Q: Can You do OEM? / Can you copy my samples?
A: Yes, please send your samples to our office.
Q: Can you do my colours?
A: Yes, Please send us your colours, not by photos. 
  * It may require a bigger MOQ for copied colours. *
Q: Are your samples free of charge ?
A: It depends. 
Q: What are your sample policies in detail? 
A: Please read below Tianjin Rosa Sample Policy
 · Regular customer, can enjoy a free quota of 1% of the total amount from all your previous orders. For example, we recieved 30,000USD order from you, We will offer you 300USD free samples correspondingly. 
 · 1st Time Customer, Samples with a total value under 50USD, will be free of Charge; When it is over 50USD, we will charge you the total amount.
Q: Will you refund my sample cost, after i am placing my 1st order to you?
A: Yes. 
Q: How long do you need to prepare my samples ?
A: Practically, 5-10 business days
Q: By what transportation tools you will send my samples to me ?
A: Regular customer
 · Sometimes will have us to put sample cartons into containers, it is always aceptable to do this way.
 · Or send us a valid collective courier account no., we will send out under your company account.
To be continued ...

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